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Review of Maff self-titled EP

Maff was originally founded in 2012 by Ricardo (Richi) Gómez (Vocals / Bass / Guitar) & Nicolás (Nek) Colombres (Drums), who have been friends since childhood and have previously played together in various punk rock bands. They were later joined by Martín Colombres (Guitar) and Gonzalo (Talo) Correa (Guitar / Bass / Vocals / Synth). Maff composed, recorded and produced this EP in their own studio, lovingly called ‘The Lab’ owing to the experimental output they concocted there. This album explores such themes as innocence, mysticism, true love, loss, drugs, freedom and timelessness.
This EP highlights a great range of sounds and styles, all of which show excellent playing and have great guitar tone. I really like the way that Maff manage to create a dreampop feel and vibe whilst simultaneously creating a massive wave of distortion – think grunge / noise – which really sweeps you along. The vocals are excellent with some really nice harmonies, I also really like how they are processed to suit the style and sound of each song, often having a great presence from a really expansive sound.
Act 1
This song bursts forth with a slightly distorted slow guitar riff accompanied by excellent drumming and bass. The increase in tempo creates a brilliant sound, there’s a great momentum with a nice release of tension building again to a final release.
Linger Around
Alternating chords and solid drumming lead into a more uptempo riff which is more understated during the verse. Great vocals again which are processed excellently to create a really expansive sound. There’s a great contrast with the more upfront riff between the verse and chorus which has a great edgy quality / sound.
Walking on Fire
I really like the opening riff, it contrasts really well against the more distorted guitar. The drumming and bass provide a solid backing and the vocals have a real ethereal feel to them, they’re really well processed. This song has a great momentum too.
Million Year Picnic
An uptempo strummed riff to open accompanied by a more distorted riff and great drumming and bass gives a great momentum to this song. The vocals suit the style really well, they’re quite laid back compared to the rest of the song which gives it a great quality. They’re processed really well with some great harmonies too.
I really like the tone to the opening guitar, slightly distorted with a great tremelo effect which is then accompanied by a more distorted riff. The drumming feels more laid back than previous songs and there are brilliant harmonies on the vocals. The song has a great vibe and maintains an excellent momentum.
This song has uptempo strummed chords and riff to open with great momentum provided by bass and drumming. The vocals again have a great expansive sound. There’s a really good momentum to the song, nice build up to the solo which complements the song excellently.
Planet Wave
This song opens with really uptempo drumming and bass providing a great momentum backed by great guitar riffing. The vocals are excellent again too with a great change in feel. There’s really good control too, Maff kind of push the sound to the edge but reign it back in before going over.
Blue Seas
This song has great guitar chords to open and a subtle lead line, it’s quite uptempo with vocals providing a more laid back quality. Excellent vocals again, processing is more sparse than other songs and there’s a great edge of tension at times.
Walking on Fire (Radio Edit)
This was created by Ummagma. It is principally the same as the full version so I haven’t added comments to those above.
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