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Indie Artists Around The Globe Unite for Nepal in Disaster Relief Series
Rock Back for Nepal is the first in a 3-part series of disaster relief compilations being released by U.S. indie label Patetico Recordings. The label is partnering with nearly 60 independent artists and several small indie labels around the globe to make this happen. They have all come together in order to raise funds for victims of the recent catastrophic earthquakes in Nepal. All money raised will go directly to the relief efforts.
The compilations are being supported by several luminaries of the independent rock and shoegaze scene, among others. Whenever Tom Lugo reaches out to his musical family, you know it’s for a crucial and essential cause. The Rock Back for Nepal CD compilation is no exception,” explains Dean Garcia of seminal shoegaze bands Curve andSPC ECO. “I’m proud to be part of this relief effort / fund raiser for anyone affected by the recent earthquake disaster in Nepal and if I can help or contribute in some way to aid support and assistance to the many displaced people, I will without question. Please support this cause and donate as generously as you can”
Perhaps one of the most renowned personalities in the shoegaze / noise rock spheres, Oliver Ackermann (A Place To Bury Strangers,Skywave) has also lent his support to the cause. “It is a horrible tragedy this destruction of culture and life. I feel lucky that I can use my craft and contribute a song to this fund to help them raise money for relief. If we can all do something to help and give relief for the people of Nepal we should do it now.”
“Great to be among this sparkling array of brilliant artists, coming together for a great cause,” says Marc Joy of Welsh outfit Lights That Change.  Alexx Kretov of Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma also expressed hope. “May the common freebie attitude towards indie music fall to the wayside. We hope people will support a higher cause by spending a few dollars and spreading this music far and wide.”
All three volumes are being released at the same time, and will be available through Bandcamp and exclusively, both digitally and on CD. The album artwork and design are by Gardy Perez.
The concept of the Rock Back compilation series was born in 2011, when disaster hit Japan and Tom Lugo, Patetico Recordings’ label owner acted on his empathy for charitable causes and non-profit organizations by reaching out to the community of artists he has in his network. They collectively put together a compilation and the profits were donated to relief efforts. The response was overwhelming, over 100 artists from across the globe joined in the efforts. What was to be a single CD compilation grew into the 8-disc compilation Rock Back for Japan. The compilation series hit the top 10 Indie Rock releases on’s chart for several weeks, with certain volumes holding the number 1 spot.

There are 54 songs across the 3 volumes including artists such as Lunar Twin, Lights That Change, Malka and Tape Runs Out that I’ve previously featured on my blog plus many more. If you like an indie / shoegaze / dreampop / synthpop / post punk kind of vibe then all 3 of these volumes are an excellent addition to your collection, featuring a great range of sounds and styles from acoustic to noisy and distorted; chilled vibes to uptempo and I really like the diversity of production too. These are great compilations in their own right and the fact that all sales will be given to the relief effort is testament to the generosity of the artists involved.
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