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Review of 'Noera Genesis' EP by Eyemouth

Noera Genesis is the third EP by Swedish band Eyemouth comprising of David Lilja, Marcus Lilja, Tove Ekman and Joakim Åberg.
It is a great EP, there is excellent layering of synth, guitar and background sounds with some excellent soundscapes too. The vocals are great, really edgy at times which gives a great tension. In fact there’s an excellent dark feel to the EP, it has a great sound and is really well produced.
Come This Far
This song has a great opening soundscape leading into a distorted riff and spoken vocals. There’s great layering of sounds, I really like the distorted tone of the riff. Drumming / percussion enters and gives the song a great momentum. There’s a really good edge of tension and changes of feel, some great background sounds too.
The Rise of You
An excellent atmospheric opening, this song has a dark feel and a real brooding quality. The percussion has a broken feel which really adds to the tension. The vocals are excellent again and the song has a great tension, really good layering of sounds with reversed vocals adding a great element. There’s also some great-toned distorted guitar and really good synth sounds too. The song has great changes of feel and a great atmospheric ending.
In My Mouth
A distorted drone to open with a dissonant sounding arp, the song has really growly spoken vocals. It’s a brilliant dark opening, the song has great drone qualities and some harsh background sounds.
Another great soundscape to open, vocals are processed really well. There’s great movement in a background sounds which acts like a drone. The vocals are spoken, they’re kind of whispered sitting back in the mix somewhat. The synth gives a great change in feel and a really good tension, the song has an industrial type of sound at this part of the song. There’s a great edge again, really good building of tension with synth sounds having a falling and rising pitch. There’s a really nice change of feel with the distorted guitar to end the song.
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