Review of Marys Ruin – Down the Line album

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Marys Ruin are a four piece band from West Yorkshire, England comprising of Jay (vocals), Mark (guitar), Paul (drums) and Steven (bass).
Down the Line is their debut album which is available for free download from their soundcloud page and I’ve embedded one of the album tracks above.
Down the Line has got a really good variety of song styles but always maintains a great rock sound quality. The rhythm is very tight, there’s great riffing and soloing with a great variety of tones and solid vocals which together propel each song along. A lot of the songs have that singalong sort of quality suggesting that Mary’s Ruin would be a great live band too.
Give me your Honey Opens with great energy and riffing, vocals burst forth with a loud cry. The song has great riffing and a great momentum propelled along by tight rhythm. Great solo too.
Gasoline Continues the energy and momentum, again great riffing and tight rhythm. The vocals give a sense of urgency. It has a really catchy chorus and another great solo, with a great tone.
Rewind Reload Another uptempo song with great riffing on the intro. Again there is great soloing and catchy lyrics.
Two Thousand Reasons Has a heavier feel to the intro before settling into a more laid back groove for the verses but builds really well into an upfront chorus and great solo.
Universal This song has a great opening, nice wah-wah on the lead guitar. There is a really good momentum through the track which builds and releases tension really well.
Whisky Train This song again opens with great riffing settling into a bluesy kind of feel at times. Not as high tempo as previous songs but still maintains a solid groove and great energy. Great solo, really compliments the feel of the song.
Killer There is a different feel to the intro of this song, great vocal harmony intro leading into solid riffing and rhythm driving the song along into a great solo.
Sons of the Night This song has really good energy, again there is great riffing in the intro leading to a solid groove.

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