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Review of 'Alice' and 'All Gone Wrong' singles by Strobegirl

Strobegirl is South London based singer, songwriter, producer Heather-Jane who is a vocalist, writer, guitar player, producer in logic, synths, keys and collabateur. She has an impressive back catalogue and is the vocalist and co-writer with Leeds based band Illustrial who will be featured in a future review.
She’s also recently featured in an eclectrocasts interview which you can listen to here.

This song has a great opening, an evolving swirling synth and great bell / chime type of sound. The vocals are excellent and the lyrics are really well written. The production is also brilliant, quite sparse but very effective bass and percussion. The song has a touch of the cinematic about it, a great uplifting vibe but with really subtle chill qualities too.

All Gone Wrong
This song has more of a defined percussive groove and great delayed synth riff, the swirling synth sound adds a nice element. The vocals are excellent again with some really nice harmonies. The lyrics are heartfelt with a dark edge which creates that great combination of an ambient / chill vibe but with an edge of tension too.
Both of these singles are from a forthcoming release, definitely keep your eyes peeled for that one, on the basis of these singles it’s going to be a great album.
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