Review of Manon Meurt s/t 'Manon Meurt' EP on Label Obscura

Manon Meurt is Vojtech Pejša (guitar, vocals), Káta Elznicová (vocals, guitar), Jirí Bendl (drums) and Jana Karlíková (bass guitar, giggler). They hail from the small Czech town of Rakovnik, located just outside of the capital, Prague. Inspired by the British shoegaze movement of the early 90s, bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Ride and Slowdive have clearly helped shape the band’s sound.
Originally self-released on vinyl in their native country in autumn 2014, this self-titled 6-track 12-inch record sold out shortly after its initial release and now fetches upwards of $50 USD via Discogs.

Canadian imprint Label Obscura, as a website and record label, was created with the goal of shining a light on some of their favorite labels, bands, and albums from the past and present, with a focus on indie rock that never got a vinyl release or is currently out of print. They have reissued a limited 200 copies on white vinyl in North America, available through the label’s website and via select independent record retailers. All copies come packaged with a high quality plastic inner sleeve and a digital download card.
This is an excellent EP, Manon Meurt have a captivating shoegaze sound with superb dreamy vocals. It’s a very full sound too with really well layered distorted guitars and jangly riffs. There’s often a great contrast between the uptempo / distorted sections and more laid back vibes.
To Forget
Excellent jangly riff to open accompanied by distorted guitar, I really like how this fades out leaving the jangly riff for the vocals which have a really dreamy quality. There’s a great build of tension from a mellow sounding riff to a release at the end of the song.
Glowing Cityscape
This song opens with a drone which has a slightly unsettling quality, the bass and drums enter to give a great momentum. The vocals again have a dreamy quality which contrast really well against the more uptempo rhythm provided by the drumming.
A slow evolving opening, the vocals are excellent again. It’s a really dreamy song, the sparse production works really well creating an excellently layered and textured sound. The slow build evolves a great sound with a nice release too.
Until You Can
Another great opening riff which has a hint of a middle eastern feel. The vocals are superb, an excellent ethereal and slightly haunting presence. There’s a really nice change in feel to the more distorted sound which has some excellent feedback.
In These Eyes
A more uptempo feel to the opening of this song with distorted chords and jangly riff leading into a more laid back section with another jangly riff and vocals. Nice change of feel into the distorted sections.
Blue Bird
Slightly distorted riff to open, drumming is subtle but gives a solid momentum. The vocals are excellent again. Quite a chilled vibe to this song with excellent change in feel to a more uptempo vibe.
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