Review of Noise Against Racism Compilation on Blackened Death Records and HNM Records

It’s fair to say this is a monster of a compilation featuring 74 tracks and 9 hours of music with the clear intent that “The noise community will not harbour racism or fascism in our ranks”. I’m delighted to have contributed to this compilation.

There’s a whole range of sounds from dark ambient soundscapes, distorted guitar riffs, glitchy guitar beats and feedback to harsh noise. The album opens with Kill Pill Volume 2 – 100 Dead Nazis which has a film quote leading into a kind of lo-fi beat with distorted bass and white noise drone.

Mutter – Blood on The Leaves
A noise / drone with police radio transmission in the background processed with delay. A great tension and subtle movement.

The Haters – BLMATP
Recording of a protest meeting leads into feedback / distortion to end.

These Gaping Jaws – Under the Skin
Atmospheric opening, dark ambient soundscape with haunting voices in the background. An excellent building tension with feedback.

Shrug Twenty – Seventeen
An edgy opening from feedback / distortion like a siren, great movement. There’s speaking in the background leading into a heavy, distorted riff with feedback effects. The vocals are growly and there’s a great simmering tension.

Black Leather Jesus – It is Happening Here
A wall of noise to open, it’s a soundscape of feedback, distortion and subtle background movement.

Odorbaby – Stupid Racist American Princess
Recording of a particularly unpleasant attitude with distorted / feedback effects over the top.

Distorted opening leading into a glitchy beat. It’s a very glitchy sound, intense drumbeat is also glitched and creates a rhythmic distortion and choppy rhythms.

God Pussy – WARNING, No More Chances, Kill facist!
Another wall of distortion and feedback with an edgy sound.

T Mikawa – Online Right Wingers Bathe in Boiling Water
Another noise fest, it’s a soundscape with distortion, feedback and kind of glitchy, beep sounds at times.

Mean Flow – Noise Annoyance
A rhythmic soundscape with subtle movement in sounds.

Gimp Gash – Ebony Line
Layered police radio recordings leading into a noise soundscape with looping / delayed elements and a train in the background.

Fsychic Pheats – Mantra III (raw)
Looping feedback creates a rhythm against the drone with a great movement.

Soundscape with distorted drone, disembodied voice type sound which swirls and evolves backed by a slow drumming pattern.

Milky Lighthouse – While They Cry For Peace, Who’s Crying For Justice?

Distorted soundscape with bitcrushed, metallic sounds interspersed with white noise crackles. A great release / build of tension to glitchy rhythms.

Transgresia – Dead Hess
A noise / soundscape, subtle movement in sound.

PBK – Stirring the Hornet’s Nest
Soundscape of noise, distortion and hum type sounds, there’s a great evolution ending with a distorted riff and rhythmic percussion sound.

Dead Shall Not Have Died in Vain – Racist in Chief
Soundscape with layered noise elements and nice use of delay, it’s an atmospheric sound, the spoken parts in the background give an eerie presence.

Gaitoh – Vajra
Extreme noise soundscape from distorted drumming, there’s a glimpse towards the end of the unprocessed sound.

I Was Killer’s or Killers – Young Republican
Brooding opening from distorted drone and riffing. Screams in the background add a great tension.

Plastiglomerate feat. Omsk Social Club – Fluoride Quicksilver
Rhythmic pattern from impact type sounds, slow evolving drone and background sounds create a great soundscape. Spoken parts give an eerie feel, a great tension.

Mig Inc – Black Block
Distorted drone to open with subtle movement and great use of delay. An evolving soundscape.

Anak Bukit – Anti-Racist Noise Machine
Repeating crescendo feedback loop to open, great movement in sound from layered effects.

Heselton – S’Paradigm
Riff with reversed sounds creates an excellent opening atmosphere, great contrast against the drone. Delayed guitar adds a great element.

Jesus is Dead – Mortality
There’s an opening quote from a radio and distorted drone type noise and distorted guitar riff. An evolving soundscape, great glitchy elements like a radio being retuned.

Andrulian – refute naive realism
This is my submission, am delighted to be a part of this compilation.

Hari Hardman – I and I is I and I
A very distorted sound with feedback.

Brekekekekexkoaxkoax – No Pipeline For Standing Rock
An evolving drone to open, excellent soundscape with nice evolution of sound.

Troublan – Coloured Mind
A great noisescape with sound effects that evolves into a harder edged sound with a build / release of tension.

Cirnu – Cut Away The Bad
Percussive type sounds to open, great layering of drone and distorted elements. An excellent evolution with build / release of tension.

act/cut/withdraw – Zambra
A swirling, delayed opening. A great atmosphere with percussive and piano type sounds.

Wormhead – Patriotism Stinks
A distorted noisescape.

Qoheleth – Advance of Inhumanity
Great layered noise to open propelled by drumming and very processed vocals.

The Dead Yesterdays – No Safe Haven
A noisescape with distorted, rhythmic sound leading to an even harsher noisescape.

{AN}Eel – ( Black Noise / Brown Noise / Red Noise / Pink Noise / White Noise ) NOISE = COLORBLIND
An experimental noisescape, spoken parts are interspersed with noise and distorted effects.

FAILSAFE! – A Rising Tide to Choke the Mouths of Those Who Would See Us Divided
An evolving soundscape with layered drones, distorted effects and great use of delay.

Crippling Self Doubt – Part of the Problem
A quote from a news report layered with the sound of gunfire, noise drone and layered elements.

Slay Your Boyfriend – Bahag Hari
A quote to open, very distorted / bitcrushed sound. An evolving noisescape.

Writhe – Prejudice
A swirling, distorted opening, an excellent evolving noisescape.

Cum Gutter – Solitary / Solidarity (For Kalief Browder)
An emerging distorted drone, some harsh noise elements and a great tension with a nice release.

Stan K – Pangaea Posture
Very distorted opening, some great sound effects and evolution of sound.

Jon Pillay – Black Lives Matter
Emerging drone and quote, a great evolution of different noise elements.

Otomo Hava – Stonewall Electronics
A wall of noise layered against a protest speech. A really edgy sound.

deelovesamy – Black and Hopeless
A synth lead, background sound effects and quote to open. Drumming pattern gives a great momentum.

T Bjorkland Quartet feat. The Pope – Janus Excerpt ( Alexa – Nikki – Naomi – Dana – Sasha)
Processed vocals to start, an edgy harsh noise sound with distorted drone and great evolution of the noisescape.

Error Grinder – Framat
Distorted opening, a glitchy feel with guitar riffs and pick effects weaving around the distorted drone.

Anal Ricochet – Racial Prejudice is So Boring
Really harsh noise, some glitchy artefacts which add a great element. There’s an evolution of the sound which breaks down at times and builds tension again.

Noise Against Facism – Direkt Aktion
Another harsh noise song, some interesting effects with a breakdown of the sound and nice variation in sounds and distortion.

Escravo Que Mata O Senhor – O Escravo Que Mata O Senhor, Saja Em Que Circunstancia For, Mata Sempre Em Legitima Defesa
Vocals to start are layered with distorted glitchy sounds like a radio being returned over a piano. It’s an edgy sound, great contrast between the piano and distorted elements. Song evolves into a total wall of noise.

Grintabachan – Pure Delusion
Harsh noise to open with rhythmic qualities, nice evolution to feedback and some robotic / glitchy effects.

Noir de Lampe – The Colour Purple
Glitchy opening from layered distorted and bass drone. Subtle movement in sound.

Federation of Sorrow – The Whirlwinds of Revolt
A harsh noise soundscape.

Ghost Skull – Same Cuts, Same Blood
Nicely layered distorted sounds and effects.

Psychiceyeclix – Live @Mudlark Theatre, New Orleans.
Distorted riff and effects, it’s a great noisescape.

Sayara – In Exile
A great noisescape with a subtle movement in the sound.

KRYPTEK – T Town Takedown
A recording to open with evolving drones, there’s a great build and release of tension through sound effects and interspersed news recordings. The beat and bassline add a great momentum.

Mankeulv – The Death of Beauty
A rhythmic opening with crackly sound effects, distortion / feedback builds gradually. Great evolution of sound leading into a guitar riff which adds a great element.

Ludwig Dementgenstein – Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Anti-acapella version)
Sounds like a bass guitar, the song has a very distorted riff and there’s a brooding quality to this song.

Valvan – The Golden Rule
A very distorted sound to open, has a kind of filtered effect, subtle movement in sound.

Kowareta – Geef Rechts Geen Kaans
Very distorted riff to open, there’s some pick scrape effects and great use of wah / flanger effects. The song evolves into a wall of distortion with great use of delay and feedback.

Slave Diet – Tobacco Baron
An evolving noisescape, there’s a high pitch drone and sound effects,a really edgy sound.

Neurogami – Brain Damage
A solid groove from the drumming pattern and bass with a distorted riff which adds a great edge of tension at times.

Ben Control – Adziil
Natural percussion with chanting to open, a tribal feel interspersed with layered noise elements.

Puta Malaria – Forged of Decay
Very edgy sound from distorted percussion, processed vocals sit low in the mix with an emerging riff.

Spacement – Appalling Silence
A vinyl crackling hum type sound, subtle movement in sound creates a great noisescape.

The Bim Prongs – Foil Piss
An atmospheric opening with an emerging drone and background sounds, the song has a great ambience.

Mince Splatters – Frightened
A rhythmic opening with percussive and a whip type sound against a drone.

I, Eternal – Droits de l’homme
Spoken French language with background noise / effects.

Ocho Escolopendras – Vienwals
Evolving opening pad type sound, there’s a kind of glitchy seaside organ, the song has a great development with build and release.

Kontroljet – Oh Suzz Oh Anna Oh
Glitchy rhythmic opening with Distorted background conversation a bit like a tv changing channels. The bell melody and pad drone have a disconcerting feel.

Armed Jouissance – March 2013 IV
An evolving opening, subtle moment in sound and a great tension. The spoken part sits low in the mix and has an ethereal feel.

school of drums – Ring All Public Parks with Glitter Guts
An excellent opening with a synth riff which has superb sustain and layered background noise / glitchy sounds. A great rhythmic element at times too.

Erotic Infant – Fuck the Fash
A very harsh noisescape with subtle movement and a bass drone that weaves in and out.

Harsh Noise Movement – Noise Against Racism
Trump quote to open with toilet sounds for want of a better description leading into a harsh wall of noise with feedback and subtle movement.