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Review of ‘To You Baby, With Love’ album by Tupperwave on power_lunch corporation

This is a nostalgia trip, reliving the 80s through snapshots of that time.  Its uptempo, a heady mix of disco, funk and slow grooves.  It conjours up memories of friendships, films, TV programmes and shopping centres.

If you’re too young to remember you can create your version, it’s the soundtrack to a youth you never had. 

Back to yesterday

It certain is, an 80s disco funk kinda vibe. It’s uptempo and got the feelgood factor. 

Excuses (w Meltnet)

An 80s vibe with a slow groove from looping melody, bass, pad and drums, it has a pulsing / side chain kind of feel. In fact it reminds me of when a needle gets stuck and jumps. 

Fast Ethernet (with 4kapas and || nothing ||)

Classics 80s drums, keys and sax, it’s another slow groove with vocals. 

One Night Classic

This is a classic indeed, an 80s slow jazz groove.

Palm Springs

Another slow jazz groove with a nostalgic fuzzy feeling.

Empty Bliss

Keys, sax, heavy reverb on the drums, it’s a slow lamenting groove. 

Style (with kurdtbaba)

An uptempo feel to this track, processing on vocals is just enough to make them hard to hear and give them rhythmic qualities. Has a kind of fade into obscurity. 

Back To Yesterday

An uptempo 80s disco vibe, great feel good factor. 

Right on Time (with bakmahn)

Different vibe to this one, it’s uptempo kind of old school hip hop at times. Processing on the vocals gives a glitchy / rhythmic feel. 

Something Special

A slow groove, keys and sax. The vocals have a boyband feel. I really like the looping effect. 

Leisure (with TVNN_PINEZ_M4LL)

An arp to open, spoken words that sound like they’re from a film I can’t quite put my finger on. A solid slice of 80s pop with a fuzzy, warm and familiar feeling. It’s Better off Dead. I think.

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