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Review of Rusticity – Call and Response album on Mobius Spin (mbsspn014)

Rusticity happened to come to life in October 2014, Nystada and 3dtorus spent an afternoon together in Nystada´s studio hanging around, lazily trying out some dub creations, had few coffees and finally came to the point (which occasionaly happens to befriended musicians) where they were told by the energy of music to collaborate.
3dtorus then packed up a whole lot of sampled material from Nystada´s “Uneasy Listening Sessions”, all Microbrute sounds. Back at home in the lofreqlab he did like he was told and spun music around them, some rehearsals later “Call And Response” was finished.
The EP has quite a sparse minimal feel with an industrial feel at times with a hint of dubstep in some of the percussion rhythms. The percussive sounds are excellent and layered to great effect to create complex rhythms which really hold your attention. The choice of synth sounds and sound effects is also excellent, they compliment each other really well and are used to great effect.
Sliced Rust Great percussive sounds which create an excellent rhythm, great layering. I really like the dub delay type effects, this really adds to the sound. Great bass sounds in the middle of the song where percussion is more sparse before building the rhythm again.
Mister Birdy Great percussive sounds again which build an intricate rhythm. The song also has great bass sounds and layered effects. Great pad / synth sound which creates an excellent texture and quite a mesmerising sound.
Misses Cage Great sounds to open the song which again has intricate layered percussion. A great lead line from what sounds like a circuit bent synth helps create a great rhythm. Great variations in rhythms and the song had some excellent sounds which compliment each other really well.
Bruised, Unbroken Great bass sound to open with, creates an ominous feel with the percussion which again is excellently layered and quite sparse to begin with, gradually building a more complex rhythm. The pad / synth sound is quite subtle and combined with the sound effects and percussion creates a great texture.
Rusticity Anthem (Bonus) Sparse percussion to open against a background synth sound. The song builds really well with other sound effects excellently layered as a more complex rhythm develops whilst maintaining a minimal feel. Great bitcrushed sounds and subtle use of filter effects. The song builds a great tension as the tempo increases and releases it really well through delay.
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