Review of Silence of the Second Voice album and Genuflection EP by Isotherme


This is a superb album and accompanying EP, they are extremely well crafted with great attention to detail. There’s a brilliant musical feel, huge depth of sounds with excellent layering, layered rhythms and often contrasting ambience against more urgent or rhythmic sounds. It has that brilliant engaging quality which captivates your interest and transports you to a different place.
Reflection : First Born
There’s a great tension to this song, an excellent edgy feel with really well layered sounds that have a great depth. Each of the sounds is really well crafted and arranged. There’s a great evolution of the song from an edgy riff to a fuller more open sound.
Slender, Radiant
I really like the vocal processing at the start of the song, there’s excellent layering again with intricate rhythms and background sounds that weave in and out. There are excellent changes of feel and a great flow to the song.
Petites Ames
There’s a great musical feel to this song, the contrasting elements really hold your attention. It opens with a sound that’s a bit glitchy / techno with an urgent rhythm then the layered ambience gives a more mellow contrast with the breathe adding a great element. There’s a touch of the cinematic at times too.
Clipping The Coral
A drone sound to open with atmospheric vocals, there’s some excellent layered background sounds and an edgy percussive rhythm which creates a great tension. The piano riff gives a mellow contrast.
Reflection : Winter Dust
There’s a great vibe to this song, it’s like the anticipation of Christmas with the subtly layered twinkle sound and sleigh bells. The percussive rhythm gives a great momentum and there’s a subtle edge of tension to the melody at times too.
L’Enfant du Milieu
A brilliant evolving opening to the song with a lovely melody. There are elements of jazz and a eastern feel at times too. The song has a brilliant cinematic quality, the story captivates and holds your interest.
If I Held The Clouds
Another excellent evolving opening with layered synth sounds, rumbling bass and melodies. The feedback and noise elements add a great edge.
Emerging synth sound and vinyl for crackle to open, a percussive rhythm creates an urgent feel, a kind of anticipation. There’s a great contrast between the laid back drone elements and more urgent sounds. Really good layering again.
Reflection : Fireglass
Another excellent emerging opening with a slightly glitchy rhythm and layered swirling, breathing type sounds. A great soundscape.
Angle of Isolation
I love the opening melody which creates a great sense of space and there’s a really nice contrast with the synth parts. The percussive rhythm is subtle to start with evolving into more of a defined loop at times. The harp at the end of the song adds an excellent element.
In Flora Absolute
The opening to this song reminds me of being outside in a garden from the layering of the field recording of birds, wind chime type sounds and percussive sounds you tend to get in a gentle breeze. The melody gives the song a great momentum and just an edge of tension at times too.
Reflection : Tantum Cordis
There’s a great edge to the opening of this song from the contrast between the ambient swirling emerging synth sound and the more ‘buzz’ feel of the background sounds. The field recording adds an excellent element.
Silence of the Second Voice
A different feel to the opening of this song which has a more defined percussive rhythm against a bass drone. Great melodies again and the vocals are excellent. The song has a great contrast between the floaty feel of synths and vocals against the more urgent percussive rhythm.
Genuflection (extended)
This EP is presented as a single song just shy of 30mins long. It is a captivating sound with a sci-fi cinematic feel with brilliantly crafted and layered vocal parts, synth leads and arps and percussive elements. There’s a change of feel to a more ambient sound with some excellent spoken parts which leads into a more uptempo feel leading into an edgy sound like a bitcrushed breaking waves sound with vocals. More synth sounds emerge with further spoken parts and a great edgy feel. This leads into a great percussive rhythm and bassline which gives a great momentum. Like a modern take on an acid sound with a gradual release to end the song.
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