Liverpool showcase – The 2ube Xtra Festival Launches Wed 15th April at 5pm BST

The 2Ube Xtra Festival
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2ube Xtra – Liverpool’s first and only live streamed music festival – launches on Wednesday 15th April at 5pm from the Paul McCartney Auditorium in The Liverpool Institute for the Perfoming Arts (LIPA) to a live audience and online viewers around the world.
The event will feature the best Liverpool based emerging artists together with exclusive interviews and performances from the likes of Mark Ronson, The Wombats, Noddy Holder of Slade, Stealing Sheep and Echo and the Bunnymen to name but a few.
The festival will be streamed from 2ube Xtra’s youtube channel.
The festival running order with links to artists’ social media sites are as follows –

Wednesday 15th April:
4:30PM – LUNA
5:30PM – Gonzalla
6:30PM – Ingrid Frosland
7:30PM – Frances

Thursday 16th April:
4:30PM – The Hazel Empire
5:30PM – 69 Watts
6:30PM – Helena Johnson
7:30PM – Deliah

Friday 17th April:
5:00PM – Magnus Romo
6:00PM – Lives
7:00PM – Crooks
8:00PM – Breakfast Monkey

Saturday 18th April:
4:00PM – Jenny Strand
5:00PM – Novacrow
6:00PM – Satin Beige
7:00PM – Native Kings

Monday 20th April:
4:30PM – Alula
5:30PM – Nina G
6:30PM – Silje
7:30PM – Mave

Tuesday 21st April:
4:30PM – We Can Be Astronauts
5:30PM – Asterisks
6:30PM – Tiger Factory
7:30PM – Whitecliff

Wednesday 22nd April:
4:30PM – Jessie Solange
5:30PM – Mari Hajem
6:30PM – OhLayIndigo
7:30PM – Nora Konstanse

Thursday 23rd April:
4:30PM – Pre-holiday
5:30PM – Chanel Samson
6:30PM – Grace Hartrey
7:30PM – Emilio Pinchi

Friday 24th April:
5:00PM – Nighttime Revolution
6:00PM – Nadjia
7:00PM – Cloud
8:00PM – Moats