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Review of The Rule of Dark Matter compilation album on Factory Fast Records

This is an excellent compilation which focuses on the electronic type of sound with brilliantly atmospheric tracks featuring trance, synth wave and jazz influences at times. There’s an excellent range of chilled and more uptempo tracks with a darker edge at times too.

Leaving Richmond – Reach Out For a Moment, For Eternity
A brilliantly atmospheric track with an edge of tension, the drumming pattern gives a great momentum contrasting really well against more chilled background synth sounds. The guitar riff has a great ambiance and subtle distortion adds a great element.

Shining Dust – Ligereza (Playtmotiv remix)
An evolving opening with bass and pulsing / swirling background sounds, the vocals have an elegance about them. Great trance feel from drumming pattern and synth string sound. A great chilled vibe.

Perpacity – Volatile Cohesion
A really nice delayed arp to open, drumming gives a great momentum and the bass and synth which has vocal qualities give an excellent synth wave sound. There’s some great changes in feel too.

Kelly Peffers – I’m an Alien
A jazz feel to the opening of this song, the vocals are excellent and really captivating. A great vibe to the song with layered percussion and a great muted mandolin sound for the riff.

Curtis Pacheco – Blaze
An excellent opening, a little bit dubstep with an eastern vibe there’s some excellently layered sounds and great use of reversed sounds too. A great vibe to the song.

The Planet 314 – So Many Lies
Atmospheric strings to open with contrasting uptempo arp, drumming pattern gives a great momentum. There’s a great contrast between guitar chord / riff and bell type synth sound which has a hint of dissonance. The vocals suit the style really well which is a darker synth wave type of sound.

Audio Spectro – Passing Through the Gates (Dark Matter mix)
Percussive rhythm has an urgency with evolving feedback leading into a trance type of sound. Great movement in the percussion with an intense feel leading to a nice change of feel with a more open synth sound which takes on an uptempo feel with the addition of drum beat. An excellent driving feel at times.


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