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Review of ‘lutra’ album by smallhaus on Linear Obsessional

This is an excellent album, it has a great ambience with soundscape / cinematic qualities. The sound is big and expansive, often with subtle movement and an edge of tension. 

a wave from the water

Evolving drone to open, there’s an ominous feel to the start of the song. A  big expansive sound with subtle movement, the melody adds an ethereal feel. 

part scientist

An atmospheric opening, percussion adds an urgency. A big expansive sound again, the riff  compliments the subtle melody really well. An excellent build and release. 

to the birds, to the light

Evolving opening, there’s a sparser feel, a suspense. Shimmery guitar builds the sound really well. A slowly evolving soundscape with a brilliant floaty quality. 


A glitchy, reversed noise type sound to open, it’s a sparse feel with evolving riff and sparkly background sounds. It’s got reflective qualities.

the first time we saw all the stars in the sky

Evolving pad sound to open, there’s subtle movement in the sound with a slow evolution. It’s a great soundscape. 

marsh wind

Vocal string type sound to open against a gentle swell, like waves breaking on a beach and birds in the background, the glitchy percussive sounds adds an excellent contrasting element. 


Evolving pad to open with an emerging melody, there’s a great building tension to the ambience which evolves into more of a noise / drone feel. 

back to the river

An evolving opening with strings and a distortion / feedback type of sound, there’s subtle movement in the sound with a build and release.