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Review of 'The White Days' album by Factice Factory

Factice Factory is a French / Swiss band that finds its influences mainly in the movements of the early 80s such as Cold Wave, Minimal Wave and Post Punk. The White Days is available as a digital download, limited tape edition and limited edition 12″ vinyl although only 5 copies of the white vinyl remain.
The White Days has a brilliant sound, evoking a cold war 80s industrial feel at times. The songs are really well arranged, great drum patterns and basslines give a solid foundation. Production is excellent, the vocals sit more upfront giving the feeling you are being spoken to personally. There’s a great range of German, English and French vocals too, even though I don’t understand the French and German ones!. There are great soundscapes and a touch of the cinematic at times too.
There’s a nice contrast between the phased / flanger synth and distorted guitar to open the song. The bass and drumming gives a really good momentum. The vocals are spoken to begin with, they’re upfront which feels like they’re speaking directly to you and have great reverb and a nice change in feel. There’s also really good use of a film clip with a delay effect.
There’s a really nice delayed guitar riff to open the song with spoken vocals over the top. The song has a great momentum from bass and drumming again. There’s an edge to the song with great harmonised vocals. Distorted guitar provides an excellent tension.
Wie Raken
The song has a great momentum from bass and drumming, a distorted guitar riff adds a great element. The vocals are spoken again, in German, and add a great contrast to the more upbeat tempo of the song. The synth lead gives a great sound too. The song has a kind of 80s cold war industrial feel.
Cold (cover The Cure)
This song has great distortion to open, emerging synth sounds create a great atmosphere. The bass and drumming give a great momentum again and the vocals are spoken, in French.
Hour Glass
This song has a kind of sultry feel from the opening bass and percussion. The piano riff adds a great element and spoken vocals really hold your interest. There’s an edge of tension at times and a touch of the cinematic too. The synth lead line is kind of haunting too.
This song has a great atmosphere from bass and stilted percussion and synth. Distorted sounds add a great edge of tension. The vocals are spoken in French and are processed really well with great use of delay. The distorted guitar solo is great, really suits the style of the song leading into a really edgy building of tension with a sudden release.
Bass and percussion give great momentum again with subtle synth and vocals spoken in German which are processed really well again. The delayed guitar and synth lead line give a great contrast towards the end. It’s a great soundscape.
A wicked bass with a wah type sound in the background, percussion has a real urgent feel. Spoken in German, the vocals have an urgency and tension at times. Distorted guitar adds a great element and the song has a great building and release of tension.
A great evolving opening from a church organ type of sound. There’s really good use of a sound clip and guitar riff and synth. The spoken French vocals sound great, they have a reflective feel. The bass and percussion give a really good momentum. The song has a cinematic feel and there’s a great change in feel to a distorted guitar solo and spoken English vocals.
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