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Review of ‘Finger of God’ album by Azuresands on power_lunch corporation

There’s a familiarity to this album, a kind of nostalgia trip but probably not how you thought you’d remembered things.

At times floaty and dreamy, others more uptempo there’s an unsettling quality at times from an edge of distortion, lo-fi feel and the slowed down nature. Some songs you’ll recognise instantly, others take longer whilst some others you can’t quite put your finger on.


Atmospheric opening from pad and almost dissonant piano, there’s an ethereal sounding trumpet contrasting against a harsher sounding pad. 


An 80’s synthwave feel from arp and chord stabs, strings lead into an upfront vibe with bass and drums, vocals have a slowed down feel. It feels familiar but can’t quite put my finger on it…


Fuzzy memories of an 80s nightclub with a distorted edge, the kind you get from drinking too much.

Fellas is it Mellow

Yes it is, a mellow groove with a pop / funk vibe.


Edgier feel to this one, at times it’s floaty, others more of a groove.

Subliminal Cinema

Appropriate title, it sounds like many films I’ve watched over time. It has the slow intro, build and release.

Moomin Matrix

Reminds me of many a kids TV theme tune, a groove from percussion and riff with a distorted edge although the vocals are a bit unsettling.

Je Suis le Meme

Slowed and distorted, there’s a familiarity as it speeds up yet it retains its elusivity. The vocals have a disembodied feel.


A more uptempo opening, the occassional glitch / stutter is subtle but effective. 


Another appropriate title, the soundtrack to a binge of Tom Cruise 80s films. I think the song is Too Many Walls.

Mistaken Identity

A subdued feel, the slowed down nature gives a hazy, ethereal feel. 

Skipping Stones

Another hazy, dreamy feel.


There’s an unearthly, dreamy quality to this song, as soon as the vocals enter you instantly recognise them. There’s a great contrast with the rhythmic drums / percussion.


Edge of distortion contrasts with the ambience, vocals are rather unsettling. Glitches in the guitar solo also add an edge of tension. 


Uptempo opening from drumming, bass has an edgy quality. Once the synth riff kicks in you’ll recognise it straight away and certainly won’t be expecting it. A perfect end to the album. 

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