Review of Analogue Wave – Alterations album

Analogue Wave are Dublin based duo Del and Andy who formed in 2012. This is an album of remixes, some of which are their own and some of which are from family and friends and it’s really good to hear re-interpretations of some of Analogue Wave’s songs as well as some other new material. Each of these remixes is excellent, having great sounds, really good layering of sounds and spot on production without being over produced.
Analogue Wave blend styles really well and their songs often have an edge and/or tension to them. If you want to check out some of their other songs, here’s my review of the brilliant Casimir album and here’s a link to their Bandcamp page.
Alterations is out now and is embedded above.
Crawl (Grim Remix) This song has a glitchy opening and retains this glitchy feel throughout but also has ambient qualities and the styles are blended really well. It has great use of industrial sounding percussive sounds, really good use of delay effects and great vocals too.
Sofia Vondell – Likes of You (Analogue Wave Remix) A great laid back groove to open the song which has a great vibe with dub elements. The vocals are excellent, kind of dreamy, creates a bit of a trippy feel. Excellent layering of percussive sounds and some great piano / synth parts.
Mezkal (Ummagma Remix) The song has an excellent groove to open with, creating a great momentum. The vocals are great too giving an edge to the song. There is really good layering of sounds again and a nice build and release of tension.
Sofia Vondell – I Get Lost Sometimes (Analogue Wave Remix) This song has a great percussive opening leading into a dub vibe. The vocals are again rather trippy and work really well against the groove. Drone elements and delayed synth sounds / effects add a nice contrast to the vocal parts.
Fingers (Toes Remix) There is a great energy to the song, it has really good driving percussion and drums and the vocals really add to the momentum. It has a great sound containing elements of glitch, tech house, industrial with excellent layering of sounds.
Sofia Vondell – Sparrows (Analogue Wave Remix) This song has a great ambient almost cinematic opening, vocals have a great laid back feel which suits the style of the song really well. The song has a really sparse feel to it, strings create and resolve a subtle tension.
Salo (Four Point Zero Remix) Great opening sound effects and percussive sounds, has a real synth-pop feel with an acid type bassline. Great vocals, create a nice tension to the song.
Devils (Angels Remix AW) Opens with a great rhythm which evolves really well. The song has a great sound, has some tech / minimal qualities at times, some nice dub elements and really great layering and use of different sounds.
Salo (in Violet Remix) Completely different feel to the other remix, great opening synth sound, has a sparse almost breakbeat feel at times. The remix has a great edge to it, again really good layering and blending of styles and great vocals. The remix also a great drop leading to a really nice change of feel.
Mezkal (Temperance Remix) Similarly, this remix has a completely different feel to the other remix. It opens with a drum solo, well sort of, leading to a great 80s kind of feel – brilliant bass and synth lines and snappy vocal-type effects. The remix is expertly done, retaining the great feel of the original song blended with a great new sound.

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