Review of Yagow s/t album on Crazysane Records

This is an excellent album with a psych / stoner feel and a hypnotic sound. There are some excellent grooves propelled by solid drumming and bass. A great variety of guitar sounds from cleaner to a heavy distorted sound. There are some excellent background sounds and great use of delay / feedback. The vocals tend to sit low in the mix and have an ethereal kind of feel which suits the style of the album really well.

Horsehead Nebula
A pulsing, swirling opening from bass and background sounds, the riff has a brooding quality, slowly building tension to the introduction of drumming which gives a great momentum. The vocals sit low in the mix and have a laid back, ethereal feel. The song has an excellent psych / stoner vibe.

Snake Charmer
Delay and feedback leads into a riff accompanied by drumming and percussive rhythm. The song has an Indian feel, it’s another excellent groove with a shimmery, repeating riff and laid back vocals. Some excellent sound effects lead into a more distorted riff and superb change to an uptempo groove.

Moss and Mint
Slow Distorted riff to open leads into an excellent groove propelled by solid drumming and bass with a more acoustic sounding lead. The vocals again have a laid back feel. There are nice changes in feel, some excellent background effects and a solo / lead which really compliments the vibe.

Time to Get Rid of It
Opens with a slow riff then is propelled with solid drumming and bass and superb heavy, distorted guitar. Vocals again are laid back and sit low in the mix, it’s a solid groove with a heavy feel and nice contrast with the less distorted riff. There’s a great release of tension before the heavy groove returns to round out the song.

A pulsing opening propelled by drumming, a slightly distorted guitar riff is accompanied by vocals leading into a solid groove. It’s a hypnotic sound.

Nude-on-the-Moon Dance
There’s almost a tribal feel to the opening with bass drone, drumming, subdued guitar riff and shimmery guitar chords which create an excellent layered sound. This leads into a more uptempo groove with a heavier sound and great vocals again.

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