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Review of Penguin Party album by Sarah Schonert

This is a stunning album, it has a captivating sound from extremely well crafted and arranged songs.

There’s so many elements that come together. The vocals are beautiful, captivating with a great passion; piano playing, synth riffs and leads all have variation and movement with excellent processing. There’s great use of effects and background sounds too.

It’s very difficult to define a particular sound, it’s a contemporary sound with elements of pop and electronica. There’s often an ambience but also a contrasting edge of tension and great momentum.

Astound Me
Drumming pattern, bass and an intricate arp open the song that are given momentum by a reverse sounding riff and piano. The vocals are superb and really compliment the song. It’s superbly arranged, intricate layering and a great flow, there’s a haunting quality at times.

Tree with Feet
A momentum from synth riff and percussion, vocals and bass compliment and develop the sound. It’s edgy and uptempo but there’s also an underlying ambience.

Queen of Panels
Uptempo opening from drumming, strings give a contrast and piano riff adds a great element. Vocals are excellent again. Nice changes in feel.

Queen of Panels outro
Lush strings and piano, compliments the song really well.

Penguin Party
Glitchy 8 bit type of sound to open with sparse percussion and a riff / bassline, there’s a sitar type of sound too. Great evolution of the song, really well layered elements.

Listen Soak Repeat
A toy piano riff to open, it has a kind of lullaby quality. Percussion is sparse and vocals are spoken with excellent processing. There’s an ambience and an edge at times too.

I Can’t Think Straight
Great synth opening with background sound effects and vocals. The processing is superb on the vocals, a reverse effect with an ethereal feel. Superb arrangement again, piano riff gives an ambience and there are great changes of feel too.

Glacier Dive
Reflective qualities to the opening with synth lead, piano chords and drumming. The synth lead has a kind of experimental feel.

Vocals and struck percussion sounds to open, there’s an ambience given momentum by the drumming pattern. There’s a contrasting flow and edginess to the song from an excellent riff and strings.

A sense of urgency from percussion and piano riff to open, the vocals also have a sense of urgency. Nice contrast with the shimmery trem riff which gives a change in feel.

Overdriving Headlights
Pulsing, shimmery riff and floaty vocal effects to open, bass is subtle and piano riff compliments the sound really well. It’s an ambience with an edge.

You Still Awake
Uptempo drumming to open with picked string riff, lovely vocals again. It’s has an ambience with contrasting edge of tension.

Get Thee to a Nunnery
Pulsing trem riff and processed percussion to open accompanied by bass which gives a subtle movement. The vocals are captivating and piano gives a great momentum, building a tension to a final release.

The Bells
Bell type sounds to open, a subtle opening contrasted by a heavier, louder piano chord. Vocals are superb again, subtle processing and a great passion. It’s a delicate song with an edge.