Electric Future Collective (EFC) – 'Summer' album on Mobius Spin (mbsspn003)

Electric Future Collective is a group on Soundcloud that periodically runs music challenges. The fifth such challenge was based around the theme of ‘Summer’ with entries being released on an album of the same name released on the Mobius Spin label shown above.
I was delighted to be a part of this album, all of the songs are great with a really high standard of production and great variety of styles. There’s also a song which is a compilation mix of all of the tracks. I’d highly recommend checking out the other contributing artists not only on this album but their other work as well, they are all talented musicians.
Roofhare – Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Lawn
This is a great opening song, a very rhythmic percussive / drone track leading into spoken vocals ending with a slightly dark ambient feel. It has great layering and the more you listen, the more you seem to hear.
Ian Haygreen – Summer Days
This song has a really great feel to it and conjures up the feeling of a sunny Summer’s day. The birds tweeting in the background is a really nice touch, the strings work really well against a subtle bass drone. Great layering of sounds.
My entry – feel free to leave your own review comments!
Nystada – Summer 2016
This song has such a great lead synth tone and a really nice use of layering of percussive sounds. The spoken vocals work really well. It kind of has a controlled chaos and I mean that in a good way, there is excellent production to bring together lots of different elements and themes.
Odd Common – Nordic Summer Nights
Great panning on the intro to this song which leads into some really smooth synth sounds. It makes me think of a Sci-fi film. The track has a very cool vibe, with great use of delay. There is a very effective tempo change about halfway through the song.
Isotherme – Sand Flea Sunscreen
I really like the use of percussive sounds to create a rhythm, the song has a great variety of sounds and also excellent layering of sounds, it is a very well produced track.
Luke Clark – Summer Crush
There is a great vibe to this song provided by a solid rhythm, wicked bass line and smooth Rhodes type lead line. There are also great guitar tones and lead parts.
M3t4rt – Summer Dream
This song opens with a tight rhythm and a great organ sound leading into a solid bass line. This track has a really great vibe, with great layering of sounds and production.
Todd Reitzell – Craoning Room
This song has great sounds and effects for the intro and I really like the interplay between the drums and other sound elements. The song has a kind of call and response feel at times.
Slinky – 1983
This song has a glitchy feel to the intro, with glitchy percussion sounds leading into a really great guitar tone. It is very well produced giving an ambient sort of feel overall but the glitch elements are well balanced and work really well.
3dTorus – Heat Haze
This song has a minimal techno / industrial feel to it. There are great sounds and a really good vibe. It is a bit edgy which grabs and holds your attention.