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Review of 'Young Martyrs' EP by The Poetry Book

The Poetry book are Chris W and Soul R from Madrid, Spain. They have created a really solid EP, there’s really good layering of sounds with great atmospheric soundscapes often contrasting against the harsher synth or distorted drone sounds. The vocals are heavily processed, often sitting in the background which gives them an ethereal feel at times and really adds to the vibe of this release.
A great opening soundscape, the song has really good momentum but still retains a laid back vibe. The vocals are heavily processed which gives them a really good ethereal feel.
Young Martyrs
Another great atmospheric opening, there’s a really good contrast between distorted guitar tones and softer melody. Production is excellent, giving the song a kind of subdued feel contrasting really well against the more upfront riff and ethereal quality of the vocals.
Love Letter
This song has really uptempo drumming to open contrasted against evolving synth sounds. The riff complements the drumming really well. There’s a great edge to the song, the vocals sit more in the background. Great synth sounds too, the song has a really good evolving sound.
A Last Ritual
A great guitar riff against a synth bass drone leads into a more defined sound with drumming, bass and distorted guitar. The vocals are processed really well and sit slightly in the background again. There’s a really good tension from the falling and rising synth sound and really good layering of sounds.
The Promise
A great ambient opening given a great edge of tension by the synth sound which provides an excellent contrast. The vocals have a real ethereal quality which adds to the brooding quality of the song.
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