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Review of Saline Celestial album by Sevenism on Naviar Records

At its heart Saline Celestial is an ambient / soundscape album with cinematic qualities and a captivating sound. The production is excellent, each sound has room to grow and evolve but there are also subtle hints of tension and dissonance and great movement in the sounds.

A wonderfully ambient, cinematic soundscape with excellent drone qualities and subtle movement. I really like the emerging string sound and its contrast with the subtle bass.

Blurred Clouds
A slightly distorted arp to open with a subtle delayed percussive rhythm, there’s subtle movement creating a rich bass contrasting against an airy pad type sound.

An emerging string sound to open with subtle bass undertones, the sound ebbs and flows with a touch of dissonance.

Humid Afternoon
An atmospheric opening with excellent layering, there’s subtle movement in the background sounds which have a floaty feel complimented by a lead and delayed bird tweeting sounds. It’s a really hypnotic sound with a haunting quality.

An emerging synth sound to open which swells with subtle bass and vocal qualities, this is another really captivating track. There’s a subtle build and release of tension through the track.

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