Anthroprophh – Precession EP review

This is a 12″ EP scheduled for release on 06 May 2014 by Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL023) with a limited press of 350. It is available from Cardinal Fuzz online shop 
Anthroprophh consist of Paul Allen (The Heads) and now also includes Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb (Big Naturals).
This EP consists of 2 tracks, Precession and Ebbe, totalling 32 minutes.

Precession has a drone quality to it, percussion builds gradually and pushes the track along.  It gives it a chanting, sort of tribal feel.  The track continues to build introducing other elements, hinting that maybe a solo part is coming.  We’re not disappointed, the solo duly arrives and it suits the track very well, building tension nicely towards a final crescendo which is very well controlled and ends with a fade out rather than allowing the track to go completely out of control.

Ebbe also has that drone sort of quality, but for me the intro has more of an edge to it.  There are some nice feedback elements in here.  When the percussion enters, the feel of the track changes somewhat.  The percussion has a good driving quality whilst a loop creates a chanting, maybe even middle-eastern feel.  These parts play against each other to a certain extent, working really well together.  The looping pattern gives way to a solo part which again suits the track very well, building on and complementing existing elements.  You can feel the tension building through the solo part but again it is always controlled with the track reducing the built tension gradually.

All in all Precession is a very well put together EP.  The two tracks complement each other very well, both creating tension and having an edge to them but not so much that it makes listening uncomfortable.  The EP is well produced, there is a very good use of layering of sounds, great distorted guitar tones and both tracks keep a good balance of different elements.  The dynamics are quite subtle –  but that’s because they have to be to maintain a drone / chant quality whilst retaining the interest of the listener. That’s not an easy task for longer tracks but is done exceptionally well on this EP.

Anthroprophh are playing the biggest European Psychedelic events of the year at Eindhoven Psych lab in June and Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia in September.  Festival goers won’t be disappointed.  And with an LP due in early Autumn on Rocket Recordings, Anthroprophh certainly have an exciting year ahead of them.