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Review of Spit it Out EP by Fairy Godmother

This is an excellent EP, it’s got a superb vibe somewhere between shoegaze, stoner, post punk and indie pop. There’s a tight knit sound propelled by solid drumming and bass, the guitar leads and chords compliment each other really well and the vocals are dreamy and often edged with a sadness. Songs often have subtle changes in feel that add a great tension with excellent production.

Opening vocals and strummed chords are given momentum by drumming and bass, it’s a superb groove with an edge of tension from the guitar lead and changes in feel. The vocals are superb, dreamy and have a kind of optimism.

Happy Man
Jangly chords to open that are propelled by drumming and bass, it’s an uptempo groove contrasted by laid back dreamy vocals. There’s an edge of sadness to the song. The organ lead adds a great element.

A laid back groove from guitar lead, drumming and bass to open, the song has a kind of stoner feel to it with dreamy vocals again and an excellent guitar lead with subtle changes in feel and a nice release of tension to end.

Take Me
Drumming and strummed chords to open, there’s a shoegaze / stoner feel to the song. The jangly guitar riff adds an urgency contrasting against the laid back vocals. Great change in the chorus with a more upfront feel that adds tension.

Strummed chords to open, drumming and jangly guitar chords give a groove and the bassline adds a momentum. The vocals are excellent again with a dreamy quality.