Review of 3dtorus – Favourite Delusion EP on Mobius Spin (mbsspn005)

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There’s some really good releases coming out on the Mobius Spin Label. This is one of them and is a release that features songs from its founder, 3dtorus, including a couple of collaborations.
Each song has great sounds and is really well produced. There are glitchy, industrial, minimal and breakbeat elements which work really well in combination without completely defining one particular style. There is a kind of dark quality at times and really good layering of sounds.
Squary Tale feat. Glitchfield Plaines This song has a great opening bassline and sound effects. The industrial sounding percussion works really well, great sounds. Has a breakbeat sort of feel.
From Far feat. Almark This song has great sounding percussion creating a tribal kind of groove. The synth sound has a kind of ethereal quality and sits a little in the background and works well against a bass drone. There are great sound effects and layering of percussion.
Mechwar Ouverture Has a slower feel, a great groove and I really like the bass sound and sound effects. The song evolves really well, orchestral sounds suit the style. Sound effects towards the end sound like a Mechanoid stalking it’s target. This leads into a nice change in momentum, an urgency almost.
Beyond the Void There is Love (bonus) This has a great percussive opening, and has really nice background elements which creates a great soundscape. The song builds tension really well and there are great synth sounds too.

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