Favourite Videos of the Week (04/12/14)

Another great selection:
Vogon Poetry – Bring the Revolution
Great sci-fi themed video which may well be scenes from Battlestar Galactica as the song is a celebration of the TV series. The song itself has a great sound, an 80s synth feel, dark and kind of bleak.

Impirical – The Holy Land
The video was shot at various locations around Leeds and has been put together really well. The band have a great sound, really good combination of acoustic guitar, solid rhythm, great vocals and guitar solos.

Robb Murphy and The Band – The Darker Side
Great live recording from the studios of Universe Radio, Netherlands. The song is brilliantly played, great vocals and acoustic guitar playing.

The Mantells – Men in Suits
Really like the backstage / behind the scenes feel to the video with shots in the studio and warm-up session. The song has a great vibe to it, drums and bass provide a solid rhythm, great riffing and vocals too. The song is released on December 7th.

Isaac Junkie feat. Chris Anton – I’m Lost in You
Video has a good mix of slow motion drive past footage and close up filming in a corridor which might sound a bit of an odd comment but it really adds to the feel of the video. The production qualities give the video a great dark feel. The song has great drive and momentum, the vocals are great and give the song an edge which compliments the feel of the video really well.

Comfort Within Noise – Tripped
Video has great imagery and is taken from a film called ‘Enter the Void’ by Gaspar Noe which I’m definitely going to check out. The song has a great vibe, somewhere between ambient and dubstep with a bit of experimental added in for good measure.