Favourite Videos of the Week (06/11/14) – part 2

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Special bonus – I couldn’t wait until next week because these videos are all great so here’s part 2!
The Sunday Reeds – Jean-Luc
Really well produced video, great cinematography and nice use of colour and black and white. The song has great momentum provided by really tight drums and bass and is propelled by brilliant edgy guitar with a great tone, soloing too. Not forgetting the vocals, they’re excellent and suit the style of the song really well.

Andy Manning – Need Ya
I really like the production of the video, it’s really well shot with lots of slow motion, even includes a slow motion slap. Andy’s vocals are great, suit the style of the song really well.

Francesca Fabris – So Close to You
Great natural feel to the video, really well shot and produced. The song has a similar feel, Francesca has a beautiful voice and a great playing style.

Arcelia – Long Man
Such a cool video, kind of augmented reality the way that animation is combined with the footage. The song is brilliant too, great vocals and although there’s a kind of sadness to the song it ends on a real positive note. I’m really looking forward to listening and reviewing Arcelia’s album in the near future.

Helmholtz Resonators – Automaton
Outstanding video! A great retro yet modern feel, a bit crazy in places maybe but very cleverly made and suits the song perfectly. The song has a brilliant vibe, very catchy and is really well produced with great vocals and clever lyrics.

Alien Skin – I’m Your Machine
I liked the production of this video, really well put together and suits the song really well. The song has a great synthpop sound with a driving bass, a brilliant lead synth sound and great vocals which are ideal for this style.