Review of Nystada – Yearning / Escape EP on Mobius Spin (mbsspn006)

Nystada on twitter; Mobius Spin on bandcamp
Each song on this release is really well crafted, you get the impression each sound has been meticulously created and then placed with precision to create each song. There’s great layering, very solid synth sounds and a real attention to detail that very clearly shines through.
Underneath Your Smile Opens with hit type effects and atmospheric vocals, Slightly haunting actually. The atmosphere in this song builds really well, there are great synth sounds leading into sparse percussion which sounds spot on. It evolves and ebbs and flows really well.
Magnifying Utopia Great opening sounds to this song, like a glitched sound of the sea. Again great layering of different sound types and great synth sounds. This track evolves really well and has more of an urgent feel at times. Percussion enters just after half way through and again is sparse but suits the song really well.
Interplanetary Mind Dive This song has a slightly different feel to it, more of a defined beat and there’s a greater use of synth sounds. The combination of bell type sounds, bassy percussion and glitchy sounds work really well.

I Don’t Know (bonus) There’s a totally different feel to this song. It has a sort of industrial techno feel through the percussion and sound effects but still retains a lot of ambient characteristics. The vocoder distorted vocals sound great.
I Don’t Know (3dtorus Creepy Ghost Edit) This song has a great opening, the beat builds gradually with subtle background elements. It’s aptly titled, the background vocals are creepy indeed and there is a dark feel, suggesting some impending unpleasantness, kind of like when reading H P Lovecraft. There is a really solid groove and great percussion sounds. There is a very brief respite then tension builds again before being released at the very end.