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Review of ‘A Room with A Zoo’ single by The Winachi Tribe

I was very impressed by ‘A Time for Love’ by The Winachi Tribe which I’ve previously reviewed here. It’s therefore great to see another release from them. ‘A Room With a Zoo’ was released last November on iTunes and amazon. It’s a release which sees a development of The Winachi Tribe’s excellent soulful funky sound.

A Room With a Zoo (Radio edit)
This song opens with an excellent percussive rhythm. It’s really well layered with an atmospheric pad and excellent riff, there’s a cool synth lead and great background effects too. The song has an excellent vibe, a soulful and funky feel with just a hint of blues in the riff. The children singing is an excellent touch and a great element to the song.

A Room With a Zoo (Sorrel and Nolano mix part 1)
An excellent funky bass to open, the song has a great groove with excellent use of animal noises. I really like how the mix blends elements of the original with a funky vibe focusing on the bass and also creates an edge of tension. There’s an excellent synth riff with great use of delay.

A Room With a Zoo (Sorrel and Nolano mix part 2)
This mix has more of a tech / tribal feel to the drumbeat and a minimal vibe at times. The string part works really well too.


The release is accompanied by a ten minute short film embedded above, a collaboration between the band and California-based Mancunian filmmaker Trevor Miller. The film depicts an epic and mystical journey, where a young singer imbibes the hallucinogen ‘Ayahuasca’ and is transported into the desert to battle his personal demons, only to be rescued by a white-suited Angel portrayed by international Tommy Flanagan, star of Sons Of Anarchy and Peaky Blinders.

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