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Review of ‘Projection of Reality’ album by Earlyguard

I’ve been rather slow getting this review published, the album was released in July 2017 and there are a further four releases since this one on Earlyguard’s bandcamp page and I’d recommend checking those out too.

This is a superb album, it has a great ambience with an edge of tension and distortion at times. The sounds are superbly crafted and layered from deep basses, rich strings, vocal types sounds to harsher, metallic sounds. It’s a great soundscape, cinematic at times.

Mimus Vitae
An evolving atmospheric soundscape, there’s a great flow to the song. It has excellent layering with an edge of tension from percussive elements.

Perpetual Motion
An edge of distortion to the opening, piano, synths and vocal sounds add an excellent ambience. It’s got really reflective qualities.

Elektronen Im Querfeld
An edgy sound, a building tension from percussive elements, harsher drones and metallic type sounds. The bass has an ominous presence.

Ecriture Automatique
A similarly edgy opening leading into a more ambient string sound. It’s superbly layered, an evolving tension to a final release.

Deep bass sounds contrasted by a higher pitch drone, there’s great movement in the sound. Percussive elements are subtle, tension builds through layered drones.

Alte Seele
There’s a great contrast between the floaty vocal type sounds and swirling background more edgy sounding bass and drones.

Hypnosis Rex
Piano, strings and drone creating a haunting feel to the opening, the strings soften this somewhat whilst retaining an edge of tension.

The song sounds like a radio being tuned in with snippets of talking and static against evolving and swirling synth pads.