Review of Bag of Bones sampler on Factory Fast Records

Bag of Bones

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Bag of Bones is the Fourth ‘virtual vinyl’ sampler to be released by Factory Fast Records out of NYC. All four songs are mixed and mastered into one easily downloadable file. Virtual Vinyl means the songs are specifically engineered to sound like a record.
And if you wanted to showcase talent, this is a great way to do it. There is a real bittersweet feel to this EP. On the one hand each of the tracks has a great vibe but equally they are tales of despair. It’s a great selection of tracks, each one different in style but with a similar theme and each is equally very well produced and showcases great vocals and very accomplished playing.
Those very kind folks at Factory Fast have made Bag of Bones available to my blog readers for a very special price of $2 (that’s about £1.65) using this special offer link

The first track by Outwoods County Riders has a slightly laid back feel with a solid groove. There is great banjo playing and nice harmonica use. Vocals just behind the beat and suit the song very well. It is quite a sad story though.

The second song by Gabriel Brox has kind of an alt-Bluegrass feel. Again there is a solid groove and the spoken vocals take me to a place somewhere between JJ Cale, Ray Wiley Hubbard and Johnny Cash. That’s a great place to be if not a little unnerving.

The third track by Andy Zovko has more of a bluesy feel to it. You can really feel the pain and angst in the vocals which are really well complimented by the guitar playing.

The fourth track by Genuine Crude has a brilliant intro – great piano playing leading into a great guitar riff. This track has such a great vibe to it, kind of Counting Crows-esque and again you can feel the pain in the vocals.

So in summary, this is a great sampler which showcases excellent talent. The tracks are all played and really well produced, a highly recommended release.