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Review of Lithopoetics album by Nathan Moody

Lithopoetics has such a stunning sound, it’s captivating, multi-layered and diverse. It feels alive, like the pulsing of breathing, dynamic sounds with motion and emotion from a superb range of evolving drones, arps, leads and noise type sounds that are layered and arranged superbly.

Carved by Water
Emerging drone to open, an edge of distortion adds a subtle tension. Some excellent overtone / harmonic qualities. A pulsing bass gives momentum and further tension. The arp has an ebb and flow, an almost slow breathing quality. The lead builds a tension with a release to a drone to end.

Sun Kissed Stone
Pulsing bass and atmospheric pad are given momentum by metallic type sounds, forming a melody and adding background sound effects, sometimes edging towards feedback but controlled brilliantly.

Metallic, looping sound like a ball rolling round a bowl, a bass and harsh noise weave around each other to create a tense soundscape.

Opens with an arp and background bass sound evolving with rhythmic elements and subtle lead, a harsher edge at times again with excellent control.

An emerging drone with a demented LFO and looping accordion or bagpipe like sound, a bit-crushed bass adds a great element.

Swirling background sound and strong lead to open, the song has pulsing and drone qualities with swirling noise and emerging arp and lead that give a momentum, building to a final release.

Drone bass and pulsing sound to open, a melody evolves with a steady rhythm, almost mechanical feel contrasting against the evolving drone and bass sounds.

Grand Staircase
Emerging drone and pulsing synth sound, distorted background sounds ebb and flow to create an evolving sound with excellent movement, harsh qualities at times.

An evolving drone, a subtle bass gains in prominence. It’s a kind of subdued, haunted sound that evolves and grows, the ‘twinkly’ sounds add an excellent contrast.

Hoodoo (Bonus Track)
A great tension from the opening arp and bass, excellent layering of leads creates complex rhythms and there’s an edge of distortion adding to the tension.

Cavern (Bonus Track)
Impact sounds and strong bass create an edgy opening, the layered sound effects and processing create a huge sound and a tense atmosphere.