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Review of ‘Silent Surveillance’ EP by Trium Circulorum

Trium Circulorum is a project by M K Hensel who also records under the name Kanal Drei. He formerly recorded under the name 3dtorus and ran the netlabel Mobius Spin and several releases for each of these have previously featured on my blog.

I love the vibe to this EP, it has a dark, brooding quality, almost sinister at times. I really like the variety in sound of the three songs which blend various styles and have a captivating sound. They are excellently crafted with great attention to detail.

Room 101
It’s hard to believe this song is 10 minutes long, that’s testament to the captivating sound that makes it feel much shorter. It has a sound that’s really hard to describe, techno, dub but with a great ambience too. The layering is excellent, the delayed effects are the focus with the drumbeat kind of suppressed and really well layered synth and background sounds pulsing and swirling.

Predictive Algorithm
This song opens with glitchy sound effects and an excellent bass arp which gives a brooding quality. The drum pattern is quite subtle and has a bitcrushed sound. The song builds tension really well and has an awesome filtered synth sound with an acid type sound at times.

Intercepted Data
A glitchy, edgy opening to the song which evolves with a noise / drone quality with sound effects and layered sounds in the background weaving in and out of focus.

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