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Review of 'Beyond the Mirror' by The Oscillation on All Time Low Productions

Over the course of three albums in the shape of Out Of Phase (2007), Veils (2011) and From Tomorrow (2013), The Oscillation has come to be established as one of the premier voyagers and navigators of the politics of consciousness. While the purity of their vision is diluted in lesser hands in an ever-expanding scene, The Oscillation’s dexterity in moulding and manipulating sound into an aural kaleidoscope remains undiminished.
Presented here is a collection of not only rare and previously released material grabbed by eager hands but also a handful gems that are finally seeing the light of day. In doing so, The Oscillation are giving off more than a reflection of their talents; here, they’re offering something much more and go beyond the mirror.
This is an excellent idea to release rare and unreleased sounds. I really like the way the album highlights how The Oscillation push the boundary of their sound from fuzzed out psych rock to a chilled atmospheric vibe with great use of feedback and delay in between.  It’s a great selection of songs, they compliment each other really well.
Braindrainer (taken from Fall EP 2012)
The song has great wah guitar to open, then bass and drumming propel the song with a great momentum. There are some great feedback / delayed effects too. The wah chords form a kind of backbone for the riffing and soloing. I really like the change in feel.
Waste the Day (B-side of single ‘No Place to Go’)

I really like the feedback and sound effects to open, a simple delayed note works really well. Brilliant bassline and drumming give a great momentum. The vocals suit the style of the song really well having a kind of ethereal presence and there’s a nice build and release to end the song.
Kissing the Sun (Hands in the Dark ‘Travel Expop Series #2’ 2013)
A synth drone to open with an urgency provided by the drumming accompanied by another great bassline gives a great opening to the song. There’s really good layering of feedback / effects too and a great change in feel with really good lead guitar and background sound effects to round out the song.
The Mirror Pool (previously unreleased)
An emerging synth drone to open with a great edge of tension contrasts against an arp and background sound effects. Vocals are processed really well, they have a great presence. The song has a great edge to it. The guitar lead line works really well and there’s a great tension from the layering of sounds.
Endless Oblivion (previously unreleased)
Great feedback leading into a really distorted riff, drumming and bass give a great momentum. I really like the wah lead line and soloing too. The song has an excellent brooding quality, some great pulsing sounds and great use of feedback.
Crystalline Tears (previously unreleased)
The song has a great atmospheric opening with some really good delayed effects. It’s a really good soundscape, the piano is a great element and there’s some really subtle guitar in there too.
Insect Attraction (Hands in the Dark ‘Travel Expop Series #2’ 2013)
Another atmospheric opening with great feedback and delayed effects. The drumming and bassline provide a great groove. The vocals are processed really well and sit quite low in the mix. Excellent use of delay and feedback.
The Detour (previously unreleased)
Great reversed sounds to open and a more acoustic feel to the guitar chords. The vocals again are processed excellently and have a real ethereal feel. Drumming and bass give a subtle but really well defined momentum. It’s another great soundscape, really well produced with a great vibe.
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