Review of 'Reach for the Weatherman' EP by Rum Thief

Rum Thief is solo artist Jot Green with support from his band (Johnny Brown, Lead guitar – live; Iain McGowen, Bass – live and Chris Hobs, Drums – live), based in Chorlton, Manchester. The project began when Green, after playing as a drummer in bands for over ten years, decided to record some songs of his own. Booking into Airtight studio in Chorlton, Manchester he performed the drums, guitars, vocals and backing vocals to produce his first EP ‘Clouded Mind’. The titular lead track generated interest from media outlets across the north west and with the help of ex band mates and a new live drummer, Rum Thief secured some local gigs, festivals, support slots and airplay on local and national radio. ‘Reach For The Weather Man’ is Rum Thief’s second EP and is characterised by Jot Green’s keen ear for melody and his sharp observational lyrical content.
This is an outstanding EP, it has great energy and a wicked vibe. There are high energy songs with great chord vamps and more acoustic sounds too. Rum Thief demonstrate a great control and ability to raise the roof or equally create a more chilled acoustic vibe. The vocals are excellent with great energy and momentum. Rum Thief are definitely one to watch!
Reach for the Weatherman
A brilliant chord vamp to open, the vocals are excellent and really suit the style of the song. There’s a wicked vibe, great energy and the bass and drumming give a great momentum. There’s a great surf guitar solo too.
Stitch in Time
A great riff and chord vamp to open, drumming creates a great groove. Really good vocals again, there’s almost a call and response feel between the vocals and guitar at times. The song has another great vibe, chunky riffs and solos open the sound up really well. There are some nice harmonies too and an uptempo section releases to drumming and strummed chords to end the song.
Dirty Shoes
There’s an uptempo acoustic chord strum to open with and great vocals again. An excellent distorted riff and great drumming propel the song along with shimmering surf guitar chords at times leading into a more uptempo section. The song has great energy and changes of feel.
My Friend
Great acoustic strummed chords to open creates a great vibe. Great vocals again, I really like the stripped back feel, the piano / organ sound really adds to the sound and when the drumming enters it gives the song a great momentum.
You can catch Rum Thief live on 21st August at their EP Launch Party at Night and Day Cafe, Oldham St, Manchester in association with Scruff of the Neck Records.
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