Review of Camp Howard s/t album on Citrus City Records

Review of Camp Howard s/t album on Citrus City Records

A solid debut release, Camp Howard have a tight knit sound with superb vocals, excellent guitars backed by solid drumming and bass. 

An excellent variety of styles, there’s slacker / stoner rock, indie pop, Seattle sound and even some Spanish lyrics for good measure. 

Holding Her Tight

Feedback and effects lead into an uptempo stoner rock groove from bass and drumming. Nice release as the vocals enter, there’s a simmering tension released at the end of the song. 

You’ve Been Misled

A kind of jangly 60s pop / psych feel to the song, superb vocals again and a jazzy feel at times. A laid back groove. 


An upfront opening and a superb groove with catchy hook, the song has great changes in feel. Vocals have a great laid back style building just an edge of tension. 


There’s a brooding quality to the opening from distorted chords and riff releasing to a more mellow verse with excellent vocals again. Excellent contrasts through the song, like a call and response. 


Superb laid back groove from natural percussion sounds, guitar adds a momentum. A laid jazzy feel, it’s an instrumental with a positive, upbeat vibe. 

Heavy Blow

A laid back groove to open, vocals are excellent again. It’s like a stripped back, slowed down stoner rock groove with a jazz feel. 

Llorando Y Fumando

An 80s kind of vibe to the opening of this song, its a jangly groove with a subtle solo. It has an edgy feel, subtle tension. 

She Doesn’t Mind

Laid back groove, superb vocals weaving around guitar chords and riffs. Nice changes of feel to a more edgy sound with a dirty solo and nice release. 


Uptempo jangly riff propelled by drumming and shaker, its an excellent groove with subtle changes in feel. Great release to a half time kind of feel building the tempo with riffs and drumming again to a final release. 


Acoustic riff to open, shimmery chords and subtle drumming, it’s a stripped back feel with great edge of angst in the vocals.