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Review of Choice of No Choice by Luke Lund on Terranean Recordings

This is an excellent album of remixes which started as an open call on Twitter by Luke to remix some processed guitar loop sessions from his ‘Of That Which is’ LP that he wasn’t satisfied enough with to include on the album. The resulting album covers a wide range of styles from techno to drone with great soundscapes and cinematic qualities at times too. I’m delighted to have a remix included on this album.

Choice of No Choice (Oula Maaranen remix)
There’s a great edge to this track, a gritty drone bassline with a techno drum beat giving excellent momentum and there’s an ambience thats swirls and pulses against the incessant kick rhythm. Great variation in drumming pattern and sounds with the evolution of the song.

Keep On (In and Out mix)
An ominous sounding drone to open, excellently layered background sounds really add to the atmosphere. I really like the evolving soundscape, there’s some excellent use of delay / feedback and a great tension through the song.

Feeling Into Thought (Polypores Remix)
The opening has the feel of a church bell ringing albeit a demented one. There’s a great background ambience from swirling sounds and contrast against the emerging bassline and sparse kick rhythm. I really like how the defined beat emerges providing a more defined rhythm which fades out returning to an edgy ambience.

Keep On (Andrulian Remix)
This is mine so feel free to add your own comments!

Choice of no Choice (Logosigil Mix)
There’s an edgy feel to this track which has a cinematic soundscape quality. There’s a great tension from layered sound effects, delayed percussive sounds and a kind of gnarly, growly synth sound.

Choice of No Choice (Trium Circulorum Session)
An excellent drone opening with some glitchy / distorted sounds there’s great use of delay and a percussive rhythm that sits low in the mix gradually gaining prominence along with a bassline to give a pronounced minimal techno feel. Excellent layering of sounds against the swirling drone and I really like how the percussive rhythms evolve through the song.

Be (Two)
The opening reminds me of Himalayan bowls, quite meditative but with an underlying subtle drone which adds great tension. The distorted guitar works really well with the layered sounds and delayed effects. It’s a great soundscape.

Feeling Into Thought (And Back Again Mix)
Glitchy / distorted background noise layered with a wind type of sound to open, there’s great movement in the sounds and a build and release of tension through the song with a nice change of feel to end.


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