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Review of ‘explosions in technicolour’ album by Espher

This is an excellent album, quite hard to pin down a particular style but that’s what makes it such a good album. There are elements of trance, downtempo and future garage amongst others which creates a great sound with an edge of tension between uptempo and more laid back elements.

It’s engaging, just as you drift away the layering of contrasting elements grabs your attention back. It’s an excellently produced album.

To the sky
There’s a great vibe to this song. An atmospheric, evolving opening leading into a kind of trance / progressive feel with a nice edge of tension. Great contrast between the uptempo drumming pattern and bass and evolving atmospheric pads. Vocals add a great element.

A short song which is an atmospheric soundscape with drone qualities and subtle movement in sounds.

An atmospheric opening from layering, I really like the reversed sounds. The bass gives more of a defined momentum, further defined with the kick drum. Great interplay between this and more laid back percussive sounds. A great contrast between ambience and a more uptempo feel.

You are loved
A great edge from opening percussive sounds and vocals. A kind of future garage feel, it’s downtempo with an excellent laid back groove.

Another excellent vibe, there’s a great contrast between a trance and ambient sound. I really like the change in feel towards the end.

A piano melody with brilliant use of reverse elements, a captivating song.

An evolving opening leading into a great rhythm and contrasting bass and atmospheric sound effects. Melody adds a great element and there’s an excellent change of feel.