Review of Mono EP by I, Us and We

I, Us and We

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Jordan Doverspike, Evan Doverspike and Aaron Doverspike are brothers based in California who write and perform captivating dream pop they describe as “clean and unadulterated”.
Their EP, ‘Mono’, was recorded in their home studio and produced by Chad Marshman over the course of several weeks. Taking a collaborative approach, the brothers found that some tracks came more easily than others, but the advantage of recording from a home studio meant that they could act immediately whenever inspiration struck.
This EP has a great sound and vibe to it. The vocals are excellent having a great laid back almost dreamy quality at times which contrasts really well against the more uptempo and edgy elements. There’s great layering of sounds creating excellent soundscapes in each of the songs and a nice edge of tension too which really holds your interest.
Lanterns Great soundscape to open, a lovely synthpop sound with a driving bassline. The vocals have a great laid back quality which contrasts really well against the edgier, uptempo bassline. Great layering of background sound effects, the song also has a really catchy chorus and a great tension to the song.
Sunday This song has more of a laid back feel, a great opening with pad and string type sounds. The vocals on this song are really dreamy, sparse drumming compliments really well. There are some excellent background sound effects and a nice change in momentum for the chorus and through the song too.
Free Great opening with church bells leading to synth chords with a nice edge against the bassline. The vocals again are excellent, having a great laid back vibe which create a nice tension against the chords / bass which is released slightly in the chorus. The song has a great solo too which really adds to the tension.
Alive I really like the trem type opening leading to chords, bassline and some excellent background sound effects. The vocals add a great tension, a bit more upfront than other songs on the EP. The chorus again is catchy, contrasts really well with the rest of the song. There’s just a hint of glitch too which works really well. There’s also a great subtle guitar riff with excellent use of delay.