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Review of Skellums 'Clarion Call' EP on Rent & Debt Records

Skellums was formed because “there was nothing else left to do”.
The band strive to produce music with dignity and meaning rather than aspiring to join the long list of bands who have success, but nothing to say.
Forming their own record label Rent & Debt Records, their mission is to take on the world, one little venue at a time.
Clarion Call is an excellent EP, it’s quite hard to describe the sound but Skellums have their own great indie sound with a really upbeat feel from jangly chords, uptempo riffing to funk-vibe chords. The vocals are excellent too and tell great stories.
We Are One
Great opening riff to the song with an excellent change of feel into the verse. Vocals are really good and tell a great story. I really like the uptempo riffing in the chorus and there’s a great solo to end the song.
The Avenue
A more jangly feel to this song, there’s really good riffing and great vocals again with some really nice harmonies. There’s quite a laid back vibe to the song with more uptempo parts providing a great contrast.
Another great opening, the song has strummed chords and arp with a great change to a more uptempo feel in the chorus. There’s great vocals again and the song has a great solo too.
Growing Old
This song has a great synth riff to open, I really like the percussive rhythm and funk vibe to the chords. It’s another great story, the song has a great vibe.
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