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Review of False Memories of Rainy Days album by Supply Fi and Belial Pelegrim on Triplicate Records

There’s a superb flow to this album, it has a sound that is really hard to pin down and describe, it’s a range of electronic styles that are fused and blended extremely well, often in the same song. 

It’s really well crafted, an excellent range of synth sounds, layered effects and drum grooves with great contrast between ambient and edgier sounds. It’s a captivating sound, one that grabs and holds your interest.

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A pulsing sound effect to open, drums and bass give a solid momentum that contrasts really well against the synth sounds. I really like the layered arps, they add an excellent atmosphere and change in feel. 

750ft. Chess Piece

Industrial sounding drums to open with atmospheric background sounds, it’s an edgy groove with a great contrast between the harsher elements and ambience. Nice changes of feel through the song. 

Astral Animal

A dub groove to the opening leading into a solid dub vibe with a hint of dubstep. The synth riff is kind of disconcerting and contrasts excellently against the ambience. A great edge of tension to the track. 

Slippery Lawn Darts

Bass riff to open, evolving synth sounds create a great tension. Drums / percussion give a great momentum. A real edge of tension and excellent layering. The Sax adds a great element. 


A more uptempo feel to the opening with drumming and delayed synth riff, excellent background sound effects and layering give an 8-bit feel to the song at times. 

Pewter Totem

Atmospheric piano is accompanied by almost house-type chords leading into a delayed guitar groove. It’s a fusion of styles, an ambience at times, distorted industrial sound at others. 

Locust V Grasshopper

Delayed synth sounds to open, squelchy bass is excellent. Superb layering, it’s quite an edgy sound with great contrasts. 


An ambience with an edge to open, layered background sounds add a great tension. An almost jazz feel to the drums and bass, distorted electric piano adds a great element. Great contrasts again. 

Third Order Rainbow

Jazz drumming to open leading to a more subdued groove, excellent rhythmic elements and background sound effects create an excellent groove leading to an industrial feel then an ambience and then a return to the groove. 

Concealing a Secondary Meaning

Rhythmic percussion and electric piano / piano to open, it’s a reflective sound that builds with strings, bass and synth sounds. Great changes in feel. 

Star City Experiments

Bass riff to open, drumming gives an excellent momentum.  Layered sound effects add to the groove. Vibraphone type sound is a great touch with a nice release before returning to a groove to end. 

Bonus track

This is a gapless playback of the full album.

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