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Review of Fareweleon EP by Apostrophic

This is an excellent EP, Apostrophic creates a great sound incorporating deep grooves with organic sounds such as guitar and piano which contrast with harsher distorted sounds. I really like the production and arrangement, each element is clearly separated and given its own space with excellent layering to create contrast and a cohesive sound.
A great opening to this song, a really good synth arp which incorporates bass and a
glitchy bitcrushed sound. The interspersed guitar riff works really well.
The Beat is excellent and gives a solid momentum. The song is really well produced, I really like the evolution of the song and how the guitar goes from a clean jangly sound to a more distorted tone which is subtle but very effective.
Another excellent beat with piano to open, the bass is deep and dirty. The clean jangly guitar riff provides a great contrast and there’s a futher contrast with a cleaner sounding bass. There’s a great tension between the natural ambience of the piano and guitar against the harsher distorted elements.
A deep bass to open, the background sounds add a great element. The beat gives a great momentum. The film quote sits low in the mix which works really well and the subtle noise adds a great element too.
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