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Filter Distortion, a four piece electro band from Liverpool, have finally emerged from a self-imposed year of confinement in a windowless room. The band set about producing their finest work yet, and have certainly achieved their aim with debut album ‘Transition’. Recorded using just 3 microphones, the band wrote and produced all the album’s tracks before mastering with engineer and producer Daniel Woodward at Liverpool’s Whitewood Recording Studio.
And Filter Distortion have created an album with a great sound and vibe. It has an excellent synth pop sound with some classic 80s sounds for good measure. The live drumming is an excellent touch and provides a great foundation for the basslines and variety of riffs / hooks on the album. The vocals are also excellent and really add to the vibe.

Transition is available as a digital download and limited edition vinyl from selected outlets including Dig Vinyl, Probe Records, Piccadilly Records and mail order via the band’s website.
Black and White The song has motorbike revving to open with, followed by a great synth riff. There is an excellent synth pop vibe with great vocals. The drumming provides a solid foundation and there is a great bassline too.
Pressure Again there is a great riff to open the song which is propelled along by solid drumming and a great bassline too. The vocals are spot on again and the song has a great momentum.
Resonator Express There is a really nice pad sound to open the song with great drumming. Again there is a great riff, solid bassline and excellent vocals. There are great changes in feel through the song.
Midnight Drive Another great riff and synth sound to open the song. Again the drumming is great and there is a nice momentum provided by the bassline. Excellent vocals again.
Frequency Modulation A great arpeggio and sample discussing FM radio in the background. The song has a really good momentum with great synth sounds and riffs.
Neon Nights The song has a great bassline to open with a kick drum leading to a great synth sound. The vocals again are great and the song is underpinned by solid drumming. There are great riffs and a nice ride cymbal too.
Camera in the Dark The song again has great drumming, bass and opening riff. The vocals have a darker feel than other songs, great contrast and harmonies with the female vocals. Again great synth sounds and really nice riff.
When the Lights Go Out The song has a really nice synth sound to open, there is great drumming and bass again. There are great vocals too and a really nice synth riff. There is a great release in the middle of the song to another riff and the song nicely picks up momentum again.
Lost Boys The song has a great bassline and drumming to open with and a great synth riff too. The vocals again are excellent and the female vocals are a great addition too.
Game Over The song has a great synth and arpeggio riff to open, there is a great vocoder effect on the vocals too. The drums and bassline provide a really good momentum and the song has a computer game feel to it.

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