Review of Peur – Hollow Skies single


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Peur, the French word for fear and pronounced ‘per’, are an alt-rock band hailing from Manchester, England. Ferociously impressive and creating a roaring sound that’s both aggressive and melodic, the band have a real buzz about them with fans welcoming Peur’s new take on traditional alt-rock.
Hollow Skies will be released by Ruby Music on 09 March 2015.
And Hollow Skies is an excellent song with a brilliant drive and energy. The riff acts as a great hook, the vocals are superb with a great edge and it has a really catchy chorus too.
The song opens with great swirling sound effects and almost a drone before bursting into a great uptempo riff and chords. The vocals are superb, really solid giving the song a great edge which has really great changes in feel. There is excellent riffing too with really good changes in tone and a brilliantly catchy chorus with sing-a-long qualities.

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