Review of the Peacock Affect – The Heaven Smiles / Wallflower double A single

Peacock Affect

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Peacock Affect is the music of George Holman who has been writing music from his home in Exeter since he was sixteen. Influenced by Elliott Smith and The Smiths, George’s music stems from melodies that he picks on the guitar and lyrics that flow directly from his feelings. He explains “I don’t really know where my inspiration comes from because it comes through at random times. I write melodies down all the time, sometimes I’ll never play that song again, but here and there an idea will become a song. I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature; the trees, the wind, the sea…”
That really comes through on this double A side. I love the simplicity of the arrangement of these two songs, they are both excellently arranged and produced to really highlight the guitar playing and vocals. Both have haunting qualities but at the same time a laid back, mellow kind of feel.
The Heaven Smiles This is a strikingly beautiful song, the guitar playing creates a haunting feel which the vocals compliment really well. Really good use of subtle distortion to round out the song.
Wallflower This song is embedded above. It has a similar feel, there is great acoustic guitar playing with some really nice harmonics. The vocals really add to the atmosphere, they’re excellent again but have a haunting quality.

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