Review of Dead Sea Apes – High Evolutionary on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL029)

Dead Sea Apes
High Evolutionary is available on clear frosted vinyl (not many left), black vinyl or there’s also a CD edition and is released on 3rd November 2014 from Cardinal Fuzz online shop
Dead Sea Apes have created a great sound for High Evolutionary, their second full length album. They use drone, feedback and sound effect elements to great effect. The guitar has great tone and production is spot on which allows songs to evolve and grow. Dead Sea Apes masterfully build great grooves and ambience in their songs whilst at the same time creating a tension against this with great lead lines and dub echoes used to great effect. This truly is a masterpiece and highly recommended.
Threads has great drone qualities to the introduction and builds really well with sound effects and feedback elements. The drums and bass create a groove accompanied by some nice trem guitar. Quite a sparse sound but really well produced.
Planetarium There are some really nice feedback / delay elements to open the song. The drums and bass build a really good tension. There is great guitar tone for the lead line. The song builds really well with a great dub feel at times, releasing tension at the end.
03 This track doesn’t appear to have a title and is quite short at just under a minute and a half but even so has a great has a great evolving sound with nice use of a drone and delay.
Turpentine Again this song has a drone quality to the introduction with a great distorted guitar tone in the background. A really good lead line creates a nice tension.
Alejandro There is a great guitar tone on the opening riff. The organ works really well in the background. The song uses brush type percussion and has a tight bassline too. It has an element of the lonesome about it and builds tension really well.
Regolith There is a great gnarly guitar tone on the opening riff. The song has a great groove with a darker, heavier feel at times than some of the other songs.
Wolf II The introduction builds really well, a nice blend of bass, percussion and feedback elements. The lead line again has a great tone and there is great tension in the song which evolves really well to a final release.