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Review of ‘For Sparta’ EP by Loui Cleghorn on Bricolage

This is a superb EP.  It’s got techno grooves, ambient vibes and a laid back feel with an edge of tension and darkness at times. It’s superbly arranged – layering creates complex rhythms; each sound has it’s own place; melodic elements have movement and the resulting sound is deep and engaging. 

All Inside My Hat

A Techno groove with ambient vibes, the beat gives momentum but with a laid back feel. Superb layering of percussive elements and evolving melodic elements. 


Driving kick rhythm and syncopated shaker lead into superbly layered percussive and melodic elements. It’s a superb chilled vibe with subtle movement, weaving an edge of tension through the song. 

For Sparta

Driving kick to open, layered percussive elements create complex rhythms with melodic elements. A tension weaves through the song, excellent build and release of momentum. 

Inside Out

Kick and shaker build the rhythm, atmospheric background sounds build melodic elements. There’s a darker kind of feel, a tribal vibe. Excellent build and release again.