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Review of ‘Nothing is Always’ album by The Hunted Hare

Not quite sure how this review didn’t get published at the time, it somehow slipped through.

The album was released in 2017 and there have been a few releases since so it’s a great way to discover the music of The Hunted Hare.

The Hunted Hare is the guitar oriented recording project of Dennis Kane, a Washington DC based composer, musician and audio engineer.

Nothing is Always is a superb album. I love how the arrangements are minimal but expertly done so that everything has its own place. It’s a captivating sound, contemplative and reflective with a cinematic feel at times.


There’s a slightly ominous feel to the opening leading into a minimal / sparse feel with a tolling bell and strings.

The Holy Warriors of Spain

Bassline gives momentum which contrasts against the sparser strings. A brilliant arrangement, it’s a pensive, reflective song.

Restraint and Then Relapse

A lovely opening guitar arpeggio and riff, a great interplay between the two creating a reflective and captivating song with an edge of tension to end.

My Blind Empire

A beautiful soundscape from delayed guitar and an evolving string / pad sound.


Solemn deep strings and bass to open, this is another contemplative song with a great flow and just an edge of tension at times.

A Lullaby (Of Sorts)

Another reflective song, a superb arrangement of sparse bass accompanied by a melody.

Magic Circle

An edgy feel to the opening with delayed guitar riff and lead line which creates a great tension. The song has a lonesome feel at times, an edgy vibe.

Mild Horses

Another reflective song, a contemplative feel from bass and slow strings.

Just Beneath The Surface

Delayed guitar to open, I really like the interplay between guitar parts creating a feeling of hope and anticipation.


A synth arp to open contrasts against emerging background strings. As the arp fades, a guitar enters and the song takes on a soundscape quality, its an excellent ambience.