Review of 'Hannah in the Wars' album by Hannah in the Wars

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Songwriter Hannah Curwood originates from the stark, remote region of Central Otago in New Zealand. Now based in London, Hannah in the Wars is a new project, the result of working alongside Roger O’Donnell of The Cure and a handpicked group of musicians.
To put it simply, this is a remarkable album. Stunningly beautiful, yet equally sad at times, Hannah in the Wars deeply connects with brilliantly crafted lyrics, stunning vocals and outstanding production which gives the album a really natural organic feel.
Burning Through the Night
Lovely tremelo chords to open, strummed riff gives a great edge of tension. Vocals are beautiful with a great edge of angst at times. A brilliant arrangement, piano, sound effects and string sounds create a great change in feel building tension really well with a release at the end of the song.
The Hunter
There’s a great opening vibe from piano and an acoustic strummed riff and superb vocals again. Strings and bass add great elements to the sound. The song has a simmering tension at times.
Rear View Mirror
This song has a more uptempo feel, the bass gives great momentum backed by a strummed riff. The piano works really well, the vocals are excellent again with nice harmonies and there’s a simmering tension to this song too with a nice build and release of tension.
Watch the dog grow old together
Lovely piano and vocals to open accompanied by a strummed riff. The song has excellent vocals and harmonies, it’s a really sad song.
Sweet Release
This song has an almost Celtic feel to the opening, the percussion has an urgency which works really well against the more laid back vocals and piano. The bass gives a great momentum and the vocals are excellent with some really nice harmonies.
Only Wanna Be
I really like the emerging opening, vocals and string / organ sound create a great ambience, the piano adds a nice element and percussion and bass give a great momentum. The song has a haunting beauty, a great arrangement again with lovely harmonies and subtle guitar.
Like A Stone
There’s a great drone to open, beautiful vocals with lovely harmonies again. Sparse arrangement but really effective. Jangly guitar riff gives a great momentum and there’s some excellently layered sounds, some of which are quite subtle which build a great tension.
There’s a great tone for the opening riff developing more of a jangly chord feel and the guitar has an open tuning or detuned feel which creates a great sound. Really nice piano again and great vocals with lovely harmonies. Excellent arrangement again.
Lay Your Hands
A great vibe to this song, it has an effected electric piano riff against a background sound which works really well. The vocals are really chilled with lovely harmonies and the strummed guitar adds a nice touch.
Dark Summer Dawn
Great bass and strummed guitar chords to open, drumming gives a great momentum. Vocals are great with excellent harmonies again. Some great layered sounds with excellent production. There’s a really nice change in feel which creates a great build and release of tension.
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