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Review of Help Yourself by BBGuns on Crafted Sounds

An awesome vibe to this album, it’s the sweet spot between lo-fi, old school hip hop, indie and dance. It’s what I loved listening to growing up in the 80s but without the Internet and living in small town England, it was really hard to find and if you did manage, everyone thought you were weird. 

It’s a funky uptempo opening with singalong qualities that reels you in and keeps you hooked through the album. Excellent grooves, laid back and more intense and reflective moments it’s a superb album. 


Uptempo groove to open, a funky upbeat vibe with great contrast between vocals and rap parts. Superbly catchy with singalong qualities, a great opening to the album. 


More of an edgy sound to this one, bassline, drum pattern, keys and vocals that have a great edge. It’s a solid indie vibe complimented by the rap part. 


Distorted guitar, sound effects and background vocals create a psych kind of vibe with a solid groove, excellent vocals again. Really like the change in feel between rap, stripped back parts and full groove. 


Funky groove leading into drum machine pattern, vocals have an edge contrasting against the laid back groove and keys. Subtle building of tension through the song. 

Rose Gold ft. Shay Park

An Eastern feel to the opening, it’s a looping riff with drum pattern and vocals that create a laid back vibe with an edge. 


A lofi hip hop groove contrasting between sung and rapped parts. Propelled by drumming and bass, there’s a looping quality to the riff. 

One Piece

Superb upbeat vibe to this song, a contrast between rapping and house type chords and an indie dance vibe creates a foot tapping groove with singalong qualities. 


Choppy, looping drum pattern accompanied by rapping and jazzy stab chords, it’s an intense sound with subtle releases of tension. 


Superb vibe to this song, it’s really hard to describe, a funky guitar riff, a looping riff with a bell / xylophone sound and rapping are contrasted against with female vocals and acoustic guitar parts. 


This has a kind of 60s laid back pop feel contrasting against with rapping in a kind of call and response feel. 

Blister ft Hubbs & Moemaw Naedon

A more intense feel to this one, looping riff creates a brooding quality, rapping adds a tension with nice changes in feel. A foot tapping groove with an indie vibe to finish.