Review of Come At Me Now single by King Kartel

King Kartel

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Formed in September 2012 the quartet, mainly hailing from Northern Ireland, wasted no time in taking the UK and Ireland by storm through a successful tour to support the release of their debut single ‘Stone Cold Killer’, which has now racked up an impressive 29,000 views on Youtube.
It’s easy to see why because Come At Me Now is an excellent single from King Kartel with 2 songs that highlight different styles. King Kartel have a really tight knit sound which comprises of great drumming and guitar playing and really solid vocals.
Come At Me Now This song has a great almost growling synth sound leading to a chord vamp to open the song which is propelled along by solid drumming and maintains a great momentum throughout with a great solo followed by a final chorus to round the song out. This is an infectious song which has great singalong qualities to the chorus – it would make a great live anthem.
Run This song opens with a really nice edgy riff leading into a solo. The song has a simmering quality to the verses which raises tension in the chorus which again has a great singalong quality. Solid vocals again, there’s also a great solo which builds a really nice tension into a chorus followed by another solo to end.